Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Padme: Senate Landing outfit

Today we're going to take a closer look at one of Padme's many outfits. =]

Title: Senate Landing

Scene: The beginning of Revenge of the Sith when Padme tells Anakin that she's pregnant!

Description: Midnight Blue Panne-Velvet Cloak. -Trisha Biggar

Details: The underside of the cloak has a light pattern that reminds me of leopard print. Padme wears long dangly earrings and a hairstyle that is similar to Princess Leia's bun hairstyle.

What I like about it: I love the earrings. When I first watched the movie, I couldn't stop staring at them! They are very eye-catching in a simple, classy way. I think they're extra special because although Padme wears many different accessories, but she doesn't wear earrings very often.

I also love the hairstyle. Padme wore small buns in Episode II that were reminiscent of Leia's iconic hairstyle, but these buns are almost exactly like Leia's. I love the connection between mother and daughter. My brother thinks it's weird because obviously hairstyles aren't genetic, so there's no reason for Leia to wear the same hairstyle her mother wore when she never saw Padme! I like it though. =D


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