Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Padme: Peacock outfit

Peacock and Brown Ensemble

Scene: Deleted scene from Revenge of the Sith.

Description: "She wore this billowy, somber dress when meeting with Chancellor Palpatine to discuss the conclusion that he had grasped and held on to too much power. The glossy dress was turquoise in color, shaped like an upside-down cone, and tightly folded in tiny pleats all around. It had a high collar which traveled far up her throat. The puff sleeves were drawn at the lower arm, and beads dangled from the cuff. Over this she wore a long, brown, layered vest that was somewhat triangular from the front, with a cape that went over her arms. Tassels hung off each point, and the entire coat was decorated in scrollwork done in ribbon. Her headdress was unique, shaped like a rectangle with an in-facing scalloped front. From the point back, centered on her forehead, was done with strings of coppery metal in serpentine swirls. The sides were done in a decorative yet simple style in a grayish metal with Padmé's hair done in myriad tight ringlets resembling strings of beads." -Wookiepedia

Details: Since Padme was hiding her pregnancy, this dress has a conical shape.
Trisha Biggar, the costume designer for the prequels, called this material "peacock fabric" because of the shifting colors. In different lights, it looks both blue and rusty brown.

What I like about it: I love the headdress,  the turquoise beads on it are beautiful.
I love the changing fabric, both colors look good on Natalie Portman.
The pleating in the underskirt add texture to this outfit. I like the combination of different textures and colors.
Padme's hairstyles are always fascinating and this one is no exception. It reminds me of a good way. =] The beads are a cool addition.
There is also some beading on the cuffs of the sleeves, which I like.

What do all think? Is this a favorite outfit of yours?


  1. I love the colors and the fabric of the cloak. Stunning!

  2. wow can I just say AHHH-mazing? yeah.

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