Thursday, October 7, 2010

Padme: Aqua outfit

Aqua Georgette Peignoir

Description: Padmé wore this simple aqua dress the night of the Raid on the Jedi Temple and Anakin's fall to the dark side. It was low-cut, held up by straps. The hems and straps were decorated with delicate embroidery,[18] and were studded with pearls and tiny shells, further carrying the theme of water, the element Padmé was so enamored with. The front of the gown was slit, revealing a glossy light blue fabric beneath it, and a simple cape flowed off her back. She wore aqua-colored gloves that started at her wrist up to her upper arm, the bottom of which was also decorated with embroidery, shells, and pearls.[20] She wore her hair down, held back by a delicate headband studded with aqua-colored beads -Wookiepedia

What I like about it: I love the color! Blue is the best color and this shade is particularly lovely. The lacy details are a great touch, and I adore the fingerless gloves.

In case you're wondering what a peignoir is, (I was like, "what?" when I read that word...) I looked it up on Wikipedia. =]

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