Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bramblewood modest fashion show entry

[jacket: hand-me-down from a friend; skirt: thrifted, $1; tie: thrifted, $2; jeggings: Target, $10(with a gift card); shoes: thrifted, $2]

Today is the last day of Bramblewood Fashion's modest fashion show. I wanted to enter this week, but I was super busy and kind of forgot. =[ Oh well, here's today's entry!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Padme: Top outfits

For the final post of my Padme online fashion event, I decided to do a countdown of my top five favorite outfits from each movie. Are you ready? Let's start with Episode I:

Episode I Top Five Outfits:

Number five:


The black and the lace and the feathers are awesome!

Number four:


This outfit is a casual outfit for when Padme was on Tatooine. I love the sleeves!

Number three:


This one is stunning! I love the kimono style, the headress, and the textures.

Number two:


The colors of this costume are beautiful. I'm a sucker for purple. =]

And my favorite Padme outfit from Episode I is......

Number one:


Love the pink and peach and pale yellow, love the floaty tulle petals, love the silver's just so beautiful!

Now, onto the next movie.

Episode II:

Number five:


Not too elaborate, not too simple. Love the colors and the hairstyle.

Number four:


The inspiration for this dress was Elizabethan fashions and African fashions.

Number three:


Beautiful lace! This dress looks kind of Edwardian to me. I love the veil.

Number two:


For Attack of the Clones, which is essentially a love story, George Lucas wanted Padme's costumes to be soft, romantic, and flowy. I love the colors on this dress and the fluid lines.

Now, my absolute favorite from Episode II is...

Number one:


Eeeee, I just love this one. haha, that's about all I have to say!

Episode III:

Number five:


This is a great actiony outfit. I adore the fingerless gloves. 

Cool detail shot:

Number four:


This one is too pretty to be a nightgown!  Check out the back detail:

Number three:


Love the subtle beading on the beautiful dress.

Number two:


It's a little sad that my second favorite dress is Padme's funeral dress, but it is lovely. The color symbolizes the water, which Padme loved. She grew up in the Lake Country on Naboo, and that is where she and Anakin fell in love, had their first kiss, and were married.

Number one:


This dress is. so. beautiful. The fabric looks so soft and velvety, and the colors are muted. I love the simple design. And look: it has a hood built into the dress. Brilliant! =]

Take a look at the scene this outfit is featured in. It's beautiful, with stirring music.

Well, that concludes Gonna Take a Ride Across the Moon's Padme event! It's been a wonderful experience and I already can't wait until the next fashion event. I already know what the theme will be....any guesses? =D

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Padme: An Online Event is almost over!

Yay, I loved this fashion event! Thanks to those who participated and those who read/commented on my posts. =]

I do have one more post planned as a grand finale, it'll be up on Monday. 

Padme: Artwork

Padme: Photoshoot!

Well,  I couldn't go through a whole fashion event without posting a photoshoot, so here it is:

Baby bump! hahaha.

I made this necklace to look like the japor snippet Anakin gives Padme in Episode I.

These bun covers were tatted by my sister. Aren't they pretty?

Padme: Naboo symbol

This article is really cool. Makes me want to pore over every costume trying to find the symbol. =] Check it out!

Padme: Princess Leia fashion

This first outfit is probably the most recognizable of Leia's costumes because she wears it for most of the first film. She also has the two buns hairstyle that most people associate her with. Did you know that Carrie Fisher hated the hairstyle? She felt that it made her cheeks look too plump.

I love this dress! It's so classy and the color combination is simple and pretty. I like the silver shoes and belt.

Here's a close-up of her elaborate hairstyle:

I think this outfit is my favorite. It's from Episode V.

Isn't her hair awesome? And look, Harrison Ford!! <3 <3 <3  =D