Wednesday, July 28, 2010

keep it 100

This is my 100th post. 

To celebrate, I'm having...

A Giveaway!

The theme of the giveaway is the best things about summer =]

Here's what you might win:

~ a necklace with shells on it, to represent the beach

~ an beaded anklet because anklets are fun summery jewelry

~ notecards with FLOWERS on them <3 <3 <3

~ a notecard with the beach on it

~ a tiny bottle of lotion that I got from a hotel which makes me think of vacations!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post, telling me your favorite thing about summer. Include a way to contact you if you win, either an email address or a blog URL. 

extra entries:
please leave a separate comment for each extra entry.

1. follow this blog

2. post on your blog about this giveaway

3. add my blog to your blog list

4. tell me something I could improve about my blog

I'll select the winner on next Wednesday, August 4th. Good luck everyone!


  1. Funfunfun and Congratulations!!! :D

    I don't have to have a fashion blog, do I?

    I'll start with one for now:

    My favorite thing about summer is spending time outside in God's Creation and savoring the WARM weather before winter!! I also love VBA because I love to serve others and spend time with kids and reach out to them: and it's also an outlet to spend time with my friends. (:

    My blog is:

  2. coolness!
    hmm summer, so many things I love! I love skating, not having to worry about the ice. No school, more money because of my job. And walking to sonic for a yummy half price drink between 2 and 4. Climbing trees also:)

    By the way, congratulations on winning modern Anne!

  3. Okay, I'll make a little string of comments here. (:

    1. I follow your blog! (:

  4. 3. Your blog is on my blog list (:

  5. 4. Hm. I really love your blog the way it is.... You could put a cool background instead of just grey, maybe... (I'm a huge fan of backgrounds. But the grey matches everything else anyway) or, you could set the playlist so that it doesn't play automatically maybe? Because I always jump when it turns on.... xP

  6. I would like to enter. :) My favorite thing about summer is the smell of fresh cut grass, eating ice cream, and grilling out. And swimming. If my Dad would ever buy us a pool. :)

    My e-mail is on my blog: As wel as my profile page.

  7. I am a follower. :)

  8. If you scroll down on my blog page, I have a list of my fave "non-book" blogs, and I added your blog to it. :)

  9. I really like your blog and seeing your different outfits (sorry I don't comment and say so, I guess I'm sorta shy.:) If you were to improve it, I would suggest making it a bit more "bright" or "colorful". That's all I can think of. :)

  10. This comment is an entry for my friend Katrina, who doesn't have a blogger account. =]

  11. Hey Bridget, thanks for hosting this!
    I love the hot days paired with banana popsicles. Butterflies hovering in the air + puffy lazy clouds floating in a sea of summer blue. I love hearing cool water lap against the shore & wading out into it.

  12. Yay! (I got here through Bess).
    Let's see...what do I love most about summer?
    I guess I'd say fields of wildflowers & big shade trees (in which I could sit under & read!). I love Popsicle's & water (a.k.a pools/lakes/oceans)

    my URL is