Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anne of Green Gables fashion week: last day!

I wanted to draw a picture for the Anne of Green Gables week, but I was so busy that it took a while to get around to it. So here I am, posting this just in the nick of time. It's almost midnight! =]

I chose to draw Anne being the Lady of Shalot in the old rowboat on the lake. This is right before the boat starts taking in water, while she's still lying down, with the flowers in her hand.

This is the last day of the Anne of Green Gables fashion week. It's been a blast! Thanks so much, Ashley. =D

I have some exciting news coming up soon....I'm almost to my 100th post, and I'm thinking about having a special giveaway! So stay tuned for the details on that. =]

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  1. I almost drew this scene but decided for the rooftop one instead. It looks great!