Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anne of Green Gables day four: Modern Anne photoshoot

My sister and I do not need an excuse to have a photoshoot, but today we do have an excuse: Ashley's Anne of Green Gables Fashion Week! 

In these pictures I am dressed in a modern Anne outfit. Anne loves the color mint green and she loves her pearls. I am wearing a green oversized sweater, which Anne would have found very comfortable, pearl earrings and a pearl ring. 

One of Anne's favorite activities is reading a good book and eating an apple.

She is also a talented writer.

Coming up next is a historical Anne photoshoot, a tutorial showing how to make Anne's pearl ring, and maybe some art. I'm so excited! Thank you Ashley, for hosting this fashion week. =D


  1. Oooh, Bridget!! I LOVE your outfit for today!


  2. These are gorgeous! I want to go to your house, dig up that tree, and plant it in my front yard. haha is it actually comfy, or does it just look like it? Hmm my reading tree is not nearly so wonderful.
    Love the sweater:)

  3. Ashley: Thank you!

    abolisher: haha, it's actually not very comfortable! we have a better climbing tree that is comfy, but this one looked better for pictures. ;]