Friday, April 15, 2011

Two for one

[shirt/skirt/shoes: thrifted; jeggings: Target]

[shirt: bought at a Shakespeare play; skirt: thrifted; tights: drugstore; boots: Target; wrist warmer: made by me; bracelets: Walmart]

These are from Monday and Tuesday. I guess I was in a t-shirt + skirt mood? I really like this last picture ^ It's actually my profile picture on Facebook because I liked it so much.

This afternoon my family and I are going to drive down to Portland, OR to visit my grandparents. We'll also be visiting the Regional speech tournament that's going on down there! I qualified to compete at Regionals, but decided not to due to various conflicts. I'm so excited that I get to go hang out though. Should be really fun. =] I'll be back on Monday, with (hopefully) another outfit post.


  1. Love the look you have created here!

    Monique xx

  2. Fun photos!
    Want to follow each other?