Thursday, May 20, 2010

three dollars a bag sale

While I was in Idaho for my older sister's college graduation, I visited THREE thrift stores. =] It was pretty awesome. At one store, they were having a sale - $3 for everything you could stuff into one bag.  Here are a few outfits using items I got from the sale:

The cream shirt is new.

Isn't this dress gorgeous?

The shirt is from the sale. It says LOVE on it. =D


  1. All those outfits are soooo cute! :) I especially like the first one. And that dress IS cute. Wow, that's an awesome sale. I would totally go for that, how big were the bags? :P

  2. Those are some pretty cute clothes! Though, in the first picture of the dress, it looks (on first glance) like you're holding a cigarette in your lowered hand. :)

  3. Super cute outfits! I like that you have cream shoes to match the shirt. ;)

  4. Hannah: the bags were the same size as grocery bags. I was actually thinking they would be bigger...but we were able to get a lot of clothes in because we rolled everything instead of folding them! =D
    Oh my word, it does look like I have a cigarette! LOL.