Monday, March 1, 2010

A new springtime

[jeans: Old Navy; shirt: from a small gift shop; jewelry: handmade and thrifted; shoes: Converse; shawl/poncho: thrifted]

I love spring! We're getting lots of beautiful flowers and the fruit trees are blooming. 

I bought this poncho several years ago, when I was just starting to get interested in fashion and clothes. I was briefly obsessed with ponchos and knitted shawls and was trying to find the perfect one. Today, I wanted something to wear over the shirt and jeans I had on and it popped into my mind because it has pink and grey colors, just like the details on the shirt. I love the way this outfit turned out. 


  1. Cute way to wear the scarf, it reminds me of a sari.
    Adore your bow ring below too, I can't get enough of bows!

  2. Love the poncho over one shoulder deal! Genius! =)